How Could I Fix my Pigeon Chest?

I'm a girl. I have ( Pigeon Chest ) problem. In the mater of fact, it doesn't consider as a satisfactory deformity. I have just a little bit elevation in my breast bones and both sides are equal and another elevation of the scapula. I want to fix these problem because I want to be in better shape of body. Where could I get an orthosis that fit me ? Are there any side effect of using an orthosis? Does it effect of the work of heart or lung ? Where could I find good doctor who could help me ?

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How Could I Fix my Pigeon Chest?

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any certified plastic surgeon can help you, it it a diffcult operation than practicaly consists into move up and back  your  sternal bones, unfortunately  stays a longitudinal scar  than can be easealy hidden with clothes

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