Under Eye Wrinkles and Hollowness. 15 Years Old? (photo)

Hi, I am 15 years old. My mom says it could be genetic due to the fact that my father has had wrinkly eyes since he was young. And, I'm not thinking of getting botox. Still, do you think there could be some kind of topical cream, or maybe some medication that could help? How come almost none of my friends have them? And, they get terribly noticeable when I smile, and I might get like 2 more wrinkles. The photos are when I am not forcing or smiling.

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Under eye wrinkes

Marissa,  Do you have allergies or eczema? We often see folds under eyes even in young children with these things. The best thing for you to do would be use a good moisturizer with sunscreen every morning and sunscreen when you are out in sun. These are normal lines for some people and they are not wrinkles caused by aging. If they bother you later in life there are things that can be done for them but no need now. PS You have beautiful eyes and lashes and I bet that these lines won't bother anyone but you. 

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Under Eye Wrinkles and Hollowness. 15 Years Old?

You are on the right track, avoiding any medical treatments at 15 years old. You appear to have very youthful skin based on the two photos you submitted. Also, your lines are likely due to your very expressive nature (this is a good thing!). You are at the perfect stage to start or continue using sunscreen to protect your skin from damaging sun rays. Avoid tanning beds. You might want to consider a medical grade skin moisturizer in the evenings. Otherwise, I would not spend another minute worrying about your undereye area.

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