Are Doctors Overseas That Bad to Work With?

I had a bad experience with surgery in Argentina. The doctor was great with me but his work wasn't. I am trying to get revision done here in NY and have gone for 2 consultations with the best doctors here in NY and have had the worst experience. They're consultation fees $250 were ridiculous and they did not provide me with any useful information. I could have done better looking up information over the internet. One doctor in Brazil I am considering is so helpful and informative.

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Problems with medical tourism

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Was your surgeon in Brazil as helpful and cooperative as your surgeon in Argentina? Being helpful does not guarantee a skilled surgeon. I would highly advise you to stay here and find a surgeon who's results you can verify from other patients you know or physicians you trust.

Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Doctors overseas

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There are plenty of good doctors in other countries. The problem arise when you leave that country and come home and potentially have a complication.  Ideally you want the doctor who originally treated you, and knows what exactly was done to follow through with the care.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Working with Plastic Surgeons Abroad

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There are excellent Plastic surgeons in most countries on earth. The problem is how do YOU know who they really are and how do you separate the gems from the thousands of surgeons whose "prominence" is based more on marketing, PR and search engine optimization? Moreover, do you have the resources to see the most well known Plastic surgeons in Argentina or Brazil and interview each one? If you had surgery by another such surgeon, can he truly assure you the result would be perfect and that there would not be any complications? If there are complications from surgery done abroad, WHO would correct them? Would there be extra charges for these operations? If you came back to the US with such complications needing revision, how likely would you be to find surgeons here willing to handle such complications (knowing they were by-passed for another, cheaper surgeon abroad)? - I think this question was unfortunately answered. As far as the charges by the surgeons, you obviously hadnot visited a lawyer or accountant recently. I agree they are not cheap but neither are OTHER professionals we use everyday who spent a lot LESS time in training honing their craft than surgeons do. Rudeness is not limited to the ranks of surgeons - have you seen how lawyers, politicians, athletes, actors and others conduct themselves? Unfortunately, SOME feel that an air of distance and arrogance befits their image and makes them even more sought after. Wherever human beings roam, you will find this attitude. This includes Argentina and Brazil. Dr. Aldea

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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Surgeon quality

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Unfortunately for consumers/patients there are good and bad doctors mixed in in all countries and cities of the world. it is the individual doctor that you must look for. Every patient is not meant for every doctor and vice versa. It is like a marriage. The best suggestion is to ask your own physician first. Usually good doctors refer to other good doctors and ob-gyn's see all the work of every plastic surgeon.   Not all "best" doctors that are known to the public are the most patient-friendly. But there are great doctors out there.

Robin T.W. Yuan, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

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