Can DFSP Present Itself As a Smooth Lump Filled with Pearly Nodules?

I have a lump like this on the lower part of the ring finger.I had something similar removed 18yrs ago with a wide exsion and removal web space between 4th and 5th finger(told it was dfsp). I have had no change to the scar for18yrs years until 5mths ago I injured the scar(caught my ring and the band riped up under it).Neither look like any DFSP that I have seen on the web or any similarities in the description and location.Don't understand why my dfsp is so different.

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Dfsp on the finger

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This is your second question I believe about your DFSP. You must see a doctor, preferably a dermatologist who has experience with DFSP. It may be a scarring condition that got exacerbated by the injury with the ring, but you may need a biopsy to prove that it is a traumatic scar rather than a recurrence of a  DFSP. Milia or whiteheads, are known to occur in scars but the nodules or bumps need to be checked out.

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