How long will it take to recover from topical steroid induced acne? (Two weeks of elocon 0.1% on face).

Was prescribed corticosteroid (eloclon 0.1%) by pharmacists for sun allergy which it cleared but had horrible acne reaction after about 4 days. Stopped using it after two weeks once I made the connection that it was the steroid causing the issues. Now 8 weeks later whist the initial horror went down my very mild acne I suffered before I touched the cream is now more moderate and takes forever for each Blemish to heal ( problem area - cheeks) How long can I expect for side effects to last?

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The cortisone induced acne can persist for many weeks. Since your acne has persisted for such a long time I would recommend a consultation with a board certified dermatologist for treatment recommendations. This may include topical therapies and possible oral therapies such as antibiotics. Best wishes.

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