Dark Circles Make Me Look Older - What Can I Do?

I have dark eye circles and they are bad. I would like a away for help with this - is there any way? I'm 30 years old and the rest of me loks young but my eyes. i don't tan.

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Dark Circle Cures

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Darck circles under the eyes can be caused by a number of different causes.  One cause is hollowness under the eye causing a shadow to appear.  This area is called the tear trough and can be corrected with an injectible filler like Restylane. This should only be performed by an experienced injector!  Another cause for darkness is a shadow created by a puffy fat pocket of the lower lid. This can be remedied by a lower lid surgery (also called blepharoplasty).

Occasionally, a patient will have hyperpigmentation of the actual skin under the eye.  This can be improved by a prescription lightening agent as determined by your physician.  Finally, another reason to have darkness is that lower lid skin can be quite thin and translucent.  The blood vessels below can give a darkish hue visible through this delicate skin.  Not too many remedies for the last reason but hopefully the other suggestions will be helpful!

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