Costs of Fraxel Restore and Thermage in Costa Rica?

How much can one expect to pay for Fraxel Restore and Thermage in San Jose, Costa Rica?

I've been quoted $2,300.00 USD for Fraxel Restore and $2,200.00 USD for Thermage by a dermatologist in San Jose. Thank you.

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Shopping for fraxel and thermage

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Practicing in New York City, I can't tell you what the costs for Fraxel and Thermage range in San Jose, but you should be more specific in your question so the doctors can give you numbers that are more fair to compare. Is it Fraxel Restore or Repair? Is it face, neck, chest or hands, or several of these areas combined? Is the thermage for the face, face and eyelids, face and neck?

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