How Can I Be Sure of a Cosmetic Clinic's Honesty?

I am really shocked by the number of fake information and advertising provided by some medical cosmetic clinics, where their before and after pictures are not of the same person! Is this legal?

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False advertising claims in the cosmetic industry

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The laws outside of the United States and the legal recourse is quite different and tends to be more lax. In the USA, professional societies, Better Business Bureau, and state regulatory or licensing agencies tend to oversee these matters and hold individuals or corporations liable.

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Determining cosmetic clinics' honesty can be hard

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This can be one of the most difficult decisions in plastic surgery, the choice of a surgeon or practice. If you are looking for honesty try to find doctors who are well known to others in your area or try to get a recommendation from your doctor who is less likely to be biased.

John P. Di Saia, MD
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