Cheek Fat Reduction Risky?

My face lacks definitions and angularity. My normal relaxed facial expression makes me look tired and angry because of drooping eye and mouth corners. My body is overall thin (my BMI is around 20), and it's only my face that suffers from excessive fat.

Doctors warn for gaunt cheeks later on in life after having cheek fat reduction. Shouldn't people with naturally slim lower cheeks also run the risk of having a gaunt look when aging? I also wonder what the actual risk of lumpiness after removing this fat? I have read that this is a risk, but I have never seen any pictures of it.

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Perhaps Buccal Fat Excision Would Help

I, too, feel that facial lipo (besides under the chin) is best avoided. Removal of the buccal fat pad is helpful for individuals who have fullness in the cheeks. It will sculpt the cheekbone areas and provide a more angular feature in that area.

That procedure is done as an outpatient using a small incision inside the mouth.

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Interesting that you know your BMI


I am concerned that your might have body dysmorphic disorder. Ask yourself how many hours a day you think about this issue. If you spend several hours a day thinking about this issue or find yourself avoiding social circumstance due to sensitivity over this issue, this might also be indicative of BDD. The treatment for BDD is not surgery but psychotherapy. So think about this. Remember that having BDD does not mean that you don't have a physical issue, it just means that unless you address the psychological dynamics, it is very likely that surgery will never accomplish what you feel you need it to achieve.

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Cheek fat reduction

Dear Peter,

I am not a fan of facial liposuction because contour issues seem to be more of the rule rather than the exception. If you really have full cheeks, you may be well suited for buccal fat pad reduction, which is more of a controlled procedure. Any procedure which decreases the volume of your cheeks may accentuate the dropping of the corners of your mouth - you might want to consider using a small amount of a filler in this region (with or without fat pad reduction.)



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