I scratched my acne on accident, now it turned dark and won't go away. (photos)

Well, I know one reason I get acne is because of puberty but it's really annoying. My family isn't that rich so I don't really know if we could see a dermatologist. So one day I was itching my face and I accidentally itches my pimple and it started bleeding so I put alcohol on it and kept washing my face. This happened before in the summer and it went away from swimming but this time it's not. I hope you can help me get it away so people stop making fun of me at school :)

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​Dark spots from acne and scratching and how to treat this on a low budget .

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Dark spots from acne and scratching and how to treat this on a low budget . It depends on what your budget is but you can start with skin care and I would do Retin-A kojic acid and chemical peels. This might be out of your budget though and if that's the case I would suggest a few things. 1. I would do a salicylic acid cleanser and do this on it at night and at morning basis. I would also suggest getting an apricot scrub and scrubbing this on a regular basis to get your skin turn over to increase. It's possible to get a chemical peel that you can use at home that can also help with skin turn over. There are multiple chemical peels you can buy online but I'd be careful when using this. I would suggest buying a glycolic peel and start once a week.

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Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation from acne

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This might be treatable with OTC meds that include a strong retinol and glycolic. If no response, see a derm and get placed on prescription meds including Retin A and hydroquinone.

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