Do I Need to Buy Special Weight Management Foods After my Bariatric Surgery?

Are there special foods I need to buy or particular weight management brands?

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Dietary restrictions an special diets following weight loss surgery

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The diet may vary depending on the bariatric procedure performed. Certain procedures are more prone to malabsorption or to dumping syndrome. Therefore special dietary restrictions related to the volume, consistency, and composition of the food may be advised.

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No special weight management food after bariatric surgery

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But you will have to watch your portions and you will need to learn a lot about nutrition as it relates to the specific type of bariatric surgery you have done.  Also, you should expect to need vitamin supplements; again, the exact ones you'll need will be dictated by the type of bariatric surgery you have done.  The best way to start to do your homework related to questions like this is to attend a local bariatric surgery informational meeting.

Carmen Kavali, MD
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Special Foods after Bariatric Surgery

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Not all weight loss operations are the same. Some just make your stomach small, making you feel full after eating a small amount of food (RESTRICTIVE procedures). Others work by causing a lot of your food to not be absorbed resulting in weight loss (MALABSORPTIVE procedures) and others are combinations of both. If you had a Restrictive procedure you need to LEARN to eat small, nutritious meals. But if you had malabsorptive procedure you will need to incorporate in your diet a higher concentration of lost nutrients including Vitamin B2 etc. The BEST way to to consult with your bariatric surgeon. Dr. Peter lade

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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