Reoccurring Stupid Acne and really bad eczema! (photos)

I'm a 25 yr old black female and I've been dealing with bad acne, discoloration and sensitive eczema that burns to the touch since I was a preteen. I am fed up from using over the counter face washes, toners and lotions. I went to a dermatologist once in Brooklyn. She prescribed me acanya which did not work at all and irritated my eczema on my neck. The discoloration of my face and neck ruins my self esteem. I'm not sure what other methods I can use. I'm open to suggestions?

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Acne & Eczema Should Be Treated By A Board Certified Dermatologist

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From what I see in your photos, there is no need to be frustrated. Neither your acne nor the dry skin are particularly difficult to treat. What you do need is a consultation with a board certified dermatologist experienced in treating persons of color (dermatology is the speciality that deals with skin, hair and nail problems) who can sit down with you, evaluate your condition up front and personal, and then customize a medical treatment plan to your particular skin type and needs. Don't waste time experimenting with over the counter cleansers, toners, astringents, etc., since more likely you will only, at best, be delaying getting proper treatment, and, on the flip side, make things still worse . Stop fretting and start seeing the right doctor. Good luck to you.

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Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation acne scars

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Hi seen you  have uneven skin tone,photo damaged skin  and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation of acne begin with use a good skin care regime of topical retinoids depigmenting creams exfoliator and a face wash .once active acne out break is seen treat it immediately  with topical antibiotics.after a good skin priming and once active infection has subsided , a few session of chemical peel will help you to achieve a better skin tone and texture .it is very important to use a broad spectrum sun screen always during treatment and thereafter.however do have n in person consultation with a dermatologist and plan you treatment. 

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