Breast Biopsy Clip Pain & Bleeding, Advise On What To Do Next?

Hello. I had a breast biopsy one month ago for suspicious tiny calcifications getting larger. They are benign but I have sharp stabbing pains from the 2 clips left in. I saw a surgeon today and he said bleeding is causing the pain. He examined me but did no other test. He said he would take one clip out. I said that both should come out. He said he did not know if he could get both of them out. I need advise!

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Breast pain and markers

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The markers could be removed by using needle localization, much like the technique used for removing a suspicious area of breast calcifications.  However, it is somewhat more involved than putting them in and the clip may not really be the cause of the pain.  You might go through this procedure without relieving your pain, or make the pain worse.  One month is not a long time...I would recommend waiting longer before doing something invasive.

Maui Plastic Surgeon

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