Blood clots and surgery?

I heard there was a period of time after surgery that the risk of getting a blood clot is really high. When is that period of time? And why is it that there's more of a risk during that period? Is there anything you could do to prevent it?

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Blood Clots and Surgery

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The risk of blood clots after surgery is not "really high".  It is slightly more than everyday walking around but is generally only minimally elevated especially in those not at high risk to begin with (e.g. young, healthy, no history of clots, surgery less than three hours, etc.).  That minimal risk extends  2-3 wks. after surgery.  There are ways to lessen the risk (anticoagulants therapy following surgery) but this therapy is usually reserved for only high risk patients.

Your plastic surgeon can discuss this with you in more detail.  Good luck.

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