Birth Control Pill That Cures Acne Forever?

I have known people who were prescribed an anti-acne/birth control pill taken for 6 months and it cures acne forever. I know its been around for a while because one of the girls I knew who took it said her mom took it in high school as well. What is it called? I was prescribed Yaz, but when I got home I researched it is an acne treatment, not a cure. I have very, very bad acne, and it lasts a lifetime in my family; But I don't want to be on pills my entire life.

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Accutane Only Pill or Treatment That Cures Acne

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There is no birth control pill that cures acne. Medications such as Yaz are very helpful. Birth control pills have an estrogen component and a progesterone component. The estrogen component improves acne and the progesterone component, which is a little further down the metabolic chain toward testosterone worsens acne. In the past the progestational agent had a deleterious effect. Then agents were found which had a neutral effect. Finally, with Yaz a progestational agent, drospirenone, was found which had an anti-androgen effect. Drospirenone is the equivalent of 25 mg. Spirolactone, a hormone which blocks testosterone both at its origination site, the adrenal gland, and its distant receptor site, the sebaceous gland.

However, as said above, there is only one medication that cures acne and that is Accutane. If you hae severe acne and have not responded to other medications then this certainly would be a consideration.

Virginia Beach Dermatologist

Best acne treatment

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The birth control pill works for some women with acne, especially women past their teenage years.  It is not a cure.  The best treatment for acne depends on many factors such as age, overall health, character of the acne, extent of the acne, how much it bothers you and so on. If your acne is severe the best treatment may be a course of Accutane.  This treatment is intensive.  You should be taken care of by a dermatologist if you are considering Accutane.

Patrick McElgunn, MD
Charlotte Dermatologic Surgeon

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