Big Purple Mark After Boil Lancing?

What's up docs! :) About 2 weeks ago i went to the doctors office because i had an inflamed sebacious cyst on the left side of my face. We decided that it was best to get it lanced and drained, and in the process remove the cyst that had caused the inflamation. But now after the swelling has gone down, i have a big purple mark on the side of my face... Not very pretty. How do i treat this mark? Will it go away on it's own, or is it something permanent? I hope you guys can help! :)

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Purple discoloration after treatment of an abcess or boil

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It sounds like you are describing a bruise.  In otherwords, some extravasation of blood under the skin.   

Follow up with the practition who treated you to confirm what is going on.  Bruising or superfical blood vessles can often be seen after draining a boil.   


You can ask about IPL laser treatment to resolve the discoloration more quickly.

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