Remedies for severe migraine?

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Botox as a remedy for severe migraine

I have mixed results for treating migraines with Botox since migraines can be multifactorial and complicated (e.g. due to genetics, lack of sleep, too much alcohol, hormones, weather change etc). Most of my patients have some degree of improvement, from mild to excellent results which can last from 1-4 months, with some people having fewer migraine episodes, while others having less intense migraines. Its reasonable to try it and see if it might work for you. Ofcourse there are other treatment options as well for migraines like the NSAIDs, triptans, cefaly, etc which you can review with your primary care provider or neurologist.

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Botox Can Help

By paralyzing the muscles with Botox, the irritation in the nerves diminishes and can minimize the number of migraines a patient has.

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Migraine headache

I am not sure if you have had Botox treatment specifically by the plastic surgery doctors for your problem? The new treatment for certain migraine headaches associated with nerve compression, can give long term relief by use of Botox or surgical decompression. Best

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Migraine Treatment

There are many treatments for Migraine in terms of medications.  A newer approach is with Botox and has shown very nice results.  The injections are not the same as when used cosmetically.  Also, many patients ask if insurance covers it.  Some insurance plans cover Botox for Migraine but only after you have "failed" other treatments.  Some insurance plans do not cover it.  It's best to check with your insurance plan and go from there.  Our office does not take insurance so our patients that use Botox for migraine treatment pay out of pocket and then, when applicable, get reimbursed from their plan or choose to keep using the Botox even if they have to pay for since the effect is worth it to them.  

Good Luck

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