I am 22 years old girl with the problem of dark patches and skin discoloration on face during menstruation period. (photo)

i have acne problem in my teen age till 20. after that i got clear skin with some scars. but rcent 3 or 4 months i noticed that i got dark patch in my menstruaton period. it comes before 3 days of my periods time and go away after periods itself. but it is so embarrassing to go out in that period. i have normal to dry skin. i use organic products. so plz dont suggest me chemicallized products. just i want to know, what is my problem and try to give me some remedies..organic and natural. thnks..

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Melasma and Best Treatment

Melasma is best treated with a combination of Cosmelan and sunscreens.  Avoid lasers which can often make melasma worse.  Please consult an expert.  Best, Dr. Green

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