Assistance with Biopsy That Didn't Heal Well and Left a Red Bump After Several Months?

A dermatologist did a biopsy of a lesion on my shoulder, it was non-cancerous. This didn't heal well, and has left a hard bump which is red in color. The dermatologist has since injected steroids twice, and this did not help. Can a plastic surgeon fix this? Is it (generally) covered by insurance, since the original biopsy was for medical reasons?

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Shoulder and sternal incitions always get keloid scars

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yes you have a keloid it should not be operated, it must be treated with an spetial instrument with air compression shot and mixing 2 medicines at same time intralesional, and also utilizing an spectial elastic, compressive shoulder garment with an spetial covering silicon laminae over the scar for 3 months and will  dissapear

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