Differin Vs Yasmin (Yaz) for Acne Treatment?

I am 40 years old and I have battled acne all my life. I was finally prescribed Yasmin about 8 years ago and it worked great, so I believe my acne is hormonal. My 11 year old daughter is now breaking out on her face, chest and back. She is using Differin, but it has been of little help.  I know how acne made me feel all of my life. My daughter is such a fun-loving, out-going girl... I would hate for her to feel less confident about herself because of the way she looks. It's also hard to hide the acne on her back in the summertime. I wanted to know about getting Yasmin for her. She already has her period and it is irregular... so birth control could also help with that I think?

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Yaz and spironolactone are two excellent options

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Your daughter may have polycystic ovary syndrome, or she may just have hereditary acne.

It would be best to get the lab tests (your dermatologist will know what to order) and be sure. There are many options for hormonal acne. Yaz and spironolactone are two excellent options.

Tazorac is often more effective than Differin, and oral antibiotics are often effective. Laser treatments with Isolaz and Cooltouch have success as well. The treatment of last resort for severe acne is isotretinoin.

In the end, I think the best plan is to work with a board certified dermatologist who can review all your options and pick the one best for your daughter.

Good luck.

New Orleans Dermatologist
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Topical and oral acne medications work together

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Acne may be temporary but acne scarring is permanent and can be relatively more difficult and expensive to treat later. Always seek out an experienced board-certified dermatologist for your complexion concerns. Differin, Epiduo, Retin-A, Tazorac, Atralin, Ziana are some of topical retinoids available and are important in minimizing clogging of pores and facilitate incremental scar revisional effect. Combination of benzyl peroxide and topical clindamycin such as BenzaClin, Duac and Acanya is also important in controlling inflammatory acne lesions, i.e. acne lesions that are red and may be tender to touch. Aczone is a recently FDA approved topical acne medication that may have nice synergistic effect when used under supervision of a dermatologist. Oral antibiotics such as Doryx, Solodyn or generic equivalents are critical when one experiences moderate to severe inflammatory acne. For women, spironolactone and/or oral contraceptive such as Yasmin or Yaz can make a dramatic differience by suppressing hormonal trigger. While Accutane is the gold standard for resistant cystic acne, recent literature has demonstrated efficacy from serial photodynamic therapy (PDT) using Levulan and Blu light therapy.

William Ting, MD
Bay Area Dermatologic Surgeon
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Differin vs Yasmin (Yaz)

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Your concern for your daughter is laudable. If Differin is the only medication she has tried, I would certainly try other and more medications before jumping on Yasmin ( I prefer Yaz by the way). If she was getting Differin 0.1 this could be increased to the Differin gel 0.3. I believe that Tazarac iis stronger and she could try this. A benzoyl Peroxide should be added as well as an antibiotic. Certainly, an antibiotic such as Adoxa or Doryx ( Doxycycline) or Soladyn ( Minocycline) can be used. Diet in the way of a low fat or South Beach Diet is recommended. Vitamins including zinc and Vit C and E. There is a new topical medication out called Aczole ( topical Dapsone). Finally, she might benefit from deep pore cleansing and extractions, photodynamic therapy or blue light IPL, and laser with the Isolaz. All these should be attempted before placing an 11 year old on birth control. I would consult again with your dermatologist. If she has any problem with facial hair you might point this out and suggest a hormonal work up. This might be especially valuable in a girl at this age with what seems to be fairly substantial acne. I would be extremely reluctant to place a girl of this age on birth control pills. In fact in my 28 years of private practice I do not believe I have ever placed a female on oral contraceptives below the age of 15. To anwer your last question, we often do prescribe birth control pills for acne. I prefer Yaz, Drosperinone is used as the progestational agent. This has anti-androgen properties equivalent to Spirolactone 25 mg., an androgen antagonist. This means that, instead of a progestational agent which usually flares up acne (the increase in progesterone in the week before the period is why acne flares so often at that time), you have an anti-acne agent working for you. Still, 11 WAY too young for birth control pills.

Arnold R. Oppenheim, MD
Virginia Beach Dermatologist

Differin for Acne versus birth control

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Differin works well for mild to moderate Acne. However, it is of limited value and should be used in more severe cases in conjunction with other oral and topical treatments. These treatments include antibiotics and oral contraceptives.

Steven Hacker, MD
West Palm Beach Dermatologic Surgeon

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