What Can Be Done on Tiny Wrinkles in Mouth Area?

I have these horrible tiny wrinkles only on one side of my mouth. It only takes a little movement of my face to make them come out, and they are not like normal dynamic wrinkles. Is just a small portion of my face (about 2 cm), but the skin there looks like my granny's, I'm only 30! Is there some treatment to improve them? Can I have a peel just in that area? I don't have any other wrinkles, in fact, my skin is beautiful, so the contrast with the rest of my face makes them oh so more evident.

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Small wrinkles around mouth can be treated with filler, Fraxel re:store, or re:pair

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Not seeing you or a picture of you makes it difficult to give a recommendation. However, usually dermal fillers can take care of most wrinkles around the mouth -- Juvederm or Restylane. If the wrinkles are fairly superficial, they can't be filled with the current approved dermal fillers in the US because they will be seen through the skin. Restylane Fine Lines or Evolence Breeze might be available in Mexico, and those would be good choices. More long term benefit can be appreciated with laser resurfacing, either the Fraxel re:store (multiple treatments, little downtime) or Fraxel re:pair (one treatment, 5-7 days of downtime).

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