Risks of Jaw Enhancement?

I am interested in getting rhinoplasty surgery done. Most surgeons that I have seen try to convince me to bring my jaw forward as well as to refine my nose. I do have a weak chin, but jaw surgery (not sure of the technical term) is not something that I feel 100% sure about.

What are the medical risks of bringing my jaw forward? It seems like a complicated procedure just to bring my chin forward 1 cm. I am not sure how much surgeons are trying to upsell, especially in this economy. Advice?

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Rhinoplasty and jaw surgery

Advice is just what it is...an advice. It does not mean you have to do everything the doctor recommends. Without seeing your photos it would be hard to tell but you may be able to have a chin implant or bony chin advancement.

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It's your choice when it comes to multiple facial procedures

Even in a bad economy, surgeons understand the risks, alternatives, & benefits of surgery. Too often patients may make a comment about why a surgeon didn't tell them about a procedure so that it could have been done at the same time. They are merely bringing up the options, its up for you to decide. If you love your chin, leave it alone. The surgeon shows you the recommended "menu", but they do not know your "appetite" for surgery and they can't force you to "eat".

A centimeter is not a "little" change and that is why it is being recommended. Smaller enlargements can be acheived with implants. But 1cm is considered by some to be too large for an implant.

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Risks of jaw enhancement?

The appearance of the nose is enhanced by its relation to the rest of the face. A receding chin, depending on its extent, can either be enhanced by placement of an implant or by performance of a SLIDING GENIOPLASTY.

The advantages of a sliding genioplasty is the depending how the cut is placed in the lower jaw, the segment can not only be pulled forward but with various degrees of a downward slant thereby making the chin appear longer in addition to more pronounced. The potential complication of a sliding genioplasty are bleeding, infection, failure of the bone segment to heal in its new location, loosening of bony fixation and potential lip numbness.

Good Luck.

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