Do Fat Cheeks Causing Depressions Need Surgery?

I am a 21-year-old male. I would like to know whether my case would require surgery or just weight loss. I am not huge, but I do have a couple of extra pounds. I have noticed that the fat in my cheeks is hanging, and almost looks like it's separate from my cheek bone and it creates a slight depression on both of my cheeks. I have made this image to show where the depressions are (picture is not me, just an example). If I lost weight would this go, or would it require surgery? Thank you.

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MAnagement of cheek depressions, malar festoons, fallen cheeks

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Without a picture and physical examination it is difficult to guess what the solution or natural history of your condition will portend with weight loss.

As a rough estimate, you may require a midface lift to restore fullness of the cheeks and resuspend the malar or cheek fat pad overlying the malar prominence.

Alternatively, you could undergo a camouflage procedure with fillers, fat injection or cheek implants. Occasionally arcus marginalis release with re-distribution of fat along the infraorbital rim may provide you with an improvement as well.

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