Is Photofacial Safe While Breast Feeding?

I had a baby two months ago and have some melasma. What is the best way to treat it and is a photofacial safe to do while breast feeding?

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Photofacials while breast feeding

Photofacials using intense pulsed light are safe to have while you are breast feeding.  We use cold air, not an anesthetic cream, so nothing is absorbed into your body.  Make sure you use sun protection, since pigmentation occurs more commonly after a pregnancy.

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Photofacial while breastfeeding probably safe, but not advisable

Dear Pineapplesage

Congratulations on the birth of your baby.

Photofacial in itself (exposure to intense light on the face) is probably perfectly safe while breastfeeding. However, there has never been and there will never be a study on its safetly. The big problem with having photofacial while breast feeding is the topical numbing cream that is used on the face to make the procedure comfortable. These products are absorbed through the skin and will enter the breast milk. A small amount of lidocaine in your circulation can represent an issue for your baby. So this is definitely not recommended.

Another issue is the reality that Fotofacial is truely not effective for melasma. In fact it can make it worse. In fact most skin treatments are not so effective for melasma. So wait until you have weaned your baby and be careful about docs who over-promise on the results of melasma treatment.

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