29-fem, Thinning Lower Eyelids, Deep Tear Troughs, High Cheekbones/thick Cheeks, Dynamic Wrinkles? (photo)

My lower eyelids seem to have rapidly thinned out (1st noticed 3 months ago after 3 weeks of 10lb weight loss and intensive squinting over 10 hr daily study). I smile with my whole face (prominent cheekbones push into lower eyelids) and this now means some serious wrinkles that go away as soon as I stop smiling but maybe not for long? I'm on Cabergolin for increased Prolactin levels (due to a Prolactinoma) and my skin has become dry-oily since (2 years), compared to extremely oily before. Help!

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Deep tear troughs

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Difficult to enlarge photos as become blurry on my computer but it does look like you have some volume that can be filled. I would choose restylane for this as I feel that it gives the best results in this area. 

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