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How Can a person Wean Myself Off of ProActive After 8 Years of Use and Still Maintain Clear Skin?

A person didn't start having bad breakouts until they were 19 and since the age of 20 (8 yrs) they have continually used products with either... READ MORE

Can Doxycycline Ointment Be Used with Proactiv for Acne?

My doctor has prescribed a Doxycycline ointment for my acne. Can I use this ointment with Proactiv? READ MORE

Is It Safe to Use Proactiv with Tazorac?

Is it ok to use Proactiv in the morning and use Tazorac at night? I was wondering if it was safe to do so since I am now putting them on at the same time. READ MORE

Can You Using Proactive and Taking Doxycyline Pills Together?

I am under Dr. prescription for taking Doxycyline pills twice a day. Also, my mom just bought Proactive for me. I am wondering if i can using both of... READ MORE

Is It Okay to Use Proactiv and Retin a Together?

Ive always had mild acne, combination/oily skin. Proactiv has been the only product that has controlled my acne. I was using the 3 steps every morning... READ MORE

Does Pro-Activ Really Work?

I went to see my dermotologist and she prescribed Doxycycl for 30 days. I couldn't continue after day 7 because it made me nautious even after I took... READ MORE

Can I Have a Fotofacial if I Am Using Proactive?

Is it OK for me to get a Fotofacial while I am also using Proactiv on my face? READ MORE

Photofacial While on Proactiv?

Is it okay to have a Photofacial while on Proactiv? READ MORE

Proactiv and Fraxel Restore Before Fraxel Repair

How long after a Fraxel Restore treatment should I wait to get Fraxel Repair? Should I wait four to six weeks or longer? Also, is it ok to use... READ MORE

Can I Use Proactive Acne Cream After Rhinoplasty?

Iam 2 weeks post op and I was wondering if it was ok to use proactive on my skin? since i have quite abit of acne after the first week READ MORE

Can Proactiv and Accutane be used together?

Would it be safe to mix the two treatments together? READ MORE

I Used the Proactive Skin Toner and Didn't Use It Right Im Guessing. Now I Have Oily Hyperpigmentation?

I used the proactive skin toner and didn't use it right I guess. Now I have hyperpigmentation is there any thing I can do to get my complexion back READ MORE

Using Proactiv and Retinoid

Is it okay to use Proactiv solution and Retinoid at the same time? Or should these treatments be used separately, such that one is used at night and... READ MORE

Will my Pigmentation from Using Proactiv Fade on Its Own?

I have been using Proactiv for many years now, and have noticed that my skin has become darker on my forehead and nose area. After all my reading... READ MORE

Can I Use Pro Active Clear Zone Lotion on my Legs and Thighs? (photo)

I'm African American and i have dark spots on my legs and thighs,i"m afraid to use creams which contains hydroquinone; would pro activ clear zone... READ MORE

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