Melange Peel + Chemical Peel

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What is a Melange Peel Treatment & What is in It?

I am considering have a Melange Peel, not sure about the spelling, is it a deep peel? What is in it? READ MORE

Is Melanage the Correct Procedure For My Skin Issues And Dark Skin?

I am an African American female with medium complextion. I have fairly large pores on my face on the cheek area, acne scaring as well as blackheads... READ MORE

How long before the final results of Melanage Peel?

It's been 7 days since my first Mini Melanage Peel. My skin was peeling the most yesterday and today a lot of the peeling is gone. I'm using the... READ MORE

Melanage peel without post treatment products?

I had a very cheap melanage peel but I guess the trade off is that I was not given the post treatment products. Can someone help me out and tell me... READ MORE

Can I repeat the Melanage peel after 1 month for stubborn hyperpigmentation?

I did a Standard Melanage peel for hyperpigmentation. Can I repeat the peel after 1 month for stubborn hyperpigmentation? READ MORE

What kind of chemical peel is Melanage?

I have scheduled my first chemical peel. A PA recommended Melanage for the relief of hyperpigmentation caused by acne and the sun. How do chemical... READ MORE

Melanage Peel - Bay Area CA?

Is it okay to perform a melanage peel on east Indian(Asian skin)? Is it safe? READ MORE

How should I prepare for a chemical peel?

What should I do or not do before a chemical peel? I'm having a Melanage Peel on Thursday and am tempted to get my face threaded beforehand. Are there... READ MORE

Are Pimple Like Bumps a Side Effect of Having a Melanage Mini Peel?

I had a Melanage mini-peel on Thursday afternoon. Normal redness and burning/stinging,etc. Started some light peeling Friday evening.When I washed my... READ MORE

Is a Melanage Peel the Same As TCA Peel?

I did a Melanage mini peel for some hyper pigmentation areas on my face and it faded a little bit, but not enough...I was wondering if a TCA peel is... READ MORE

I had a mini melanage peel 10 days ago. Is it common to peel a lot on some nights and not at all on others?

- Some nights I don't peel at all and other nights I peel a lot. Is that common? - Some areas of my neck look like I have a chemical burn. I use the... READ MORE

Will a melange peel be effective on Indian skin? (Photo)

I am an Indian and i have dark wheatish skin. I am right now trying to lighten my skin, I have melasma in certain places on my skin, The doctor... READ MORE

When can I wear lotion/makeup after a mini melange peel?

(I mean my own products, not the soothing balm) READ MORE

I had Melanage chemical peel 2.5 weeks ago. I waxed my eyebrows and now have a huge red patch on my forehead. (Photos)

I had Melanage chemical peel 2.5 weeks ago. My skin was still peeling a little but not my forehead. I waxed my eyebrows and now have a huge red patch... READ MORE

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