Why Won't Sleep Wrinkles Go Away?

I have noticed that I am suddenly getting deep lines on my neck when I wake up in the morning, and the lines are not going away. Some of these lines are very irritated and seem to be caused by the collar of the cotton sweater that I sleep with, so I now sleep with a collarless shirt. However, I am now getting lines on my lower neck and trapezius. This is all very sudden, can anyone help please? Why are these sleep wrinkles not going away?

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Sleep on your back. One pillow

I think sleep probably has more to do with the formation of lines than most people suspect. If you notice, most people have deeper lilnes, such as the "smile" lines" on the left side of the face. Sure, this may be due to the increased sun exposure on the left side, but it's the finer wrinkles, not discolorations that we attribute to the sun.

Thus, I think it would be important to sleep on your back. Try to train your self to do this.

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