What is Cosmetic Dermatology?

How does cosmetic dermatology differ from general dermatology? Should a person see a cosmetic dermatology specialist or can any dermatologist help with cosmetic skin problems?

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Cosmetic dermatology focuses on making you look better or younger.

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Thank you for your question.

Cosmetic dermatology focuses on making you look better or younger. Medical dermatology focuses on taking care of rashes, cancers, or other concerning skin conditions.

Cosmetic dermatologists focus on procedures and practices such as Botox for wrinkles, fillers to fill up creases or lines on your face, lasers to even out your skin or take care of scarring, and other procedures that take care of problems that don't usually hurt you or are dangerous (e.g. - spider veins, laser hair removal, eyelid or face lifts, chemical peels, etc.).

You can go to any dermatologist as most dermatologists do both cosmetic and medical dermatology. However, there are dermatologists that choose to specialize in one or the other - simply ask the receptionist if your dermatologist does cosmetic procedures.

Hope this helps!

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