How can I get rid of my dark circles? Or what are some things I can do to minimize them?

Has anyone had good results with the "Coolaser" treatment made by Dr. Simon S. Ourian? I wanted to do this tretement but I wanted some feedback if you have any opinions about this procedure.

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"Coolaser" for Dark Circles

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Hi Cynthia.  We do not know of any laser that can help with dark circles.  On top of this, the "coolaser" is just a good old fashioned fractionated erbium laser that Dr. Ourian has given a different name to so that no one else can claim to have it.

We have a fractionated Erbium laser (the Sciton Profile) and we love it for rejuvenation around the eyes (fine lines and loose skin) but it does not help with dark circles.  For dark circles, we use Restylane because it adds depth and volume in an area which is lacking depth or volume - the reason for the dark circles.  

To see examples of before and after pictures in Los Angeles and Orange for dark circles under the eyes, check the link below.

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You are not likely to be harmed by the "Coollaser."

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However, you may not feel that you got value for your money.  In doing a laser that is safe for everyone, the energy is kept low.  This is safe but can lead to a small treatment effect in the skin.  I suggest you carefully study consumer feedback on this procedure  to decide for yourself if the procedure makes sense.  Generally it means something when only one doctor offers a particular laser treatment.  Some have suggested that Coollaser is an old style CO2 laser that has had a new name slapped on it.  I personally can't confirm if this is true.  In evaluating any doctor, it pays to do your homework, consider available reviews and decide what makes sense for you personally.  I would also recommend looking at sites like ripoff report and even the State Medical Board, which in California is the California Medical Board to see if there are any adverse reports for a particular doctor.  With this information in hand you should be able to make up you own mind regarding the potential value of the service and the provider.  If you are not sure, it does not hurt to get other opinions.   Please share what you learn with the Realself community.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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Dark circles treatment

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Treatment for dark circles include nonsurgical option (filler injection to fill the hollow under eye area) and surgical option (lower blepharoplasty with fat removal or repositioning). The choice depends on the exact anatomy of the patient, how much puffiness (fat) is present relative to hollowness (dark circles), and the patient's goals. See an oculoplastic specialist for evaluation.

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