Best Treatment for Stretch Marks for African American skin?

I know I can't get rid of stretch marks completely but I'm ready to do something about them immediately. What's the best treatment out there? I've heard good things about carboxytherapy, fraxel and fractional CO2 laser. Apart from these what else? And what's the best treatment for my African American skin. I got my marks from puberty. I'm 20 now.

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Stretch Marks

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Stretch marks (dermal striae) are the result of rapid expansion of the skin. While the outer skin layer (epidermis) remains intact, the lower skin layer (dermis) separates, resulting in scar formation. Because stretch marks are caused by rapid growth, the two most common etiologies are puberty and pregnancy. In dark skinned individuals, stretch marks may be even more obvious because they have less pigmentation than the surrounding skin. Patients with dark skin (Fitzpatrick type IV & V) are more likely to have hypo/hyperpigmentation changes from laser treatments. Stretch marks related to pregnancy can be treated with a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty). In this surgery, the abnormal skin of the lower abdomen is excised and replaced with normal skin from the upper abdomen. Women should wait until after they have completed all pregnancies prior to proceeding with abdominoplasty surgery.

Best Treatment for Stretch Marks?

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I would advise being very careful when doing laser treatments, go to a medical professional with tons of experience treating your skin type, a lot of times the skin tends to get more sensative and can possibly hyperpigment. Try doing a vi peel first and see how that goes, the vi peel helps reduce the stretch marks brighten the skin. Best of luck

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