Can You Treat Glabellar Lines Without Botox or the Like?

I have some faint etchings between my eyebrows. It seems most recommended treatments work primarily because they weaken or paralyze specific muscles. I'm an actress, and I don't want to handicap my ability to express emotion- even if its just slightly weakened. I also don't want those permanent "angry" lines, though. Are there other treatment alternatives?

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Before we had Botox, I regularly used collagen based fillers to fill glabellar lines

Before we had Botox, I regularly used collagen based fillers to fill glabellar lines. This works quite well in many people and does not prevent you from expressing yourself. Botox lengthens the benefit of the filler as well as preventing further deepening of the furrows.

Metairie Dermatologic Surgeon
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Frown lines

The only way to remove the frown lines between the eyebrows is to weaken (via botox) or surgically remove the muscles responsible for the lines. I can understand you not wanting to lose facial expression in the process but there currently are no other choices. If you ignore this part of the aging process the lines only get deeper and reach a point where weakening the muscle alone will not be effective.

Different people use their facial muscles differently and to various degrees. This accounts for variable severity of these lines in people of similar and different ages. The only way to prevent or minimize the lines is change the way you fire the facial muscles. Other than always wearing sunglasses I cannot think of anything else you can do.

Aaron Stone, MD
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Inter Brow line Treatments

The lines between the brows are the result of years of muscle contractions. Once the skin has wrinkles at rest it is impossible to fix without injecting fillers in those areas. But- if there wrinkles are faint, SOMEHOW these muscles - the corrugators and procerus muscles - must be weakened. Botox is by far the best way of doing it. Although these muscles can be cut either through an endoscopic brow lift procedure or through an upper lid lift procedure, both would leave scars and may leave a depression between the brows.

A well done Botox administration by a good Plastic/Dermatologist is what you would benefit from.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
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Options other than botulinum for glabellar frown lines, furrows or wrinkles.

Fillers can work for treatment of glabellar frown lines or furrows but are generally considered our second choice for treatment. Botulinum Toxin if injected in a conservative fashion can produce subtle results. Other options include endoscopic or transblepharoplasty resection of the corrugator muscles or readiofrequency nerve ablation.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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