What is the Cost of Tca Cross Method?

am 22 yrs old & suffering from holes on face due to pimples....what is the procedure & details of tca cross method procedure & cost

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Cost of TCA Method

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Trichloroacetic Acid CROSS method depends on many factors. Ultimately, I believe that it really comes down to time. I charge anywhere from 500-1500 for parts of the face. You want to go to someone that will take care of you though. This is really important.

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Treating ice pick scars on face.

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The ice pick scars on the face can be punch grafted or sutured close or TCA cross application.  The charge for the TCA application is roughly $350 per session and usually needs several sessions at monthly intervals. A lot can be done to improve ice pick scars so see your derm surgeon. Sincerely,

David Hansen,MD

David Hansen, MD
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TCA CROSS Charges in India

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TCA CROSS charges at my clinic are Rs 1000 (around $18!)per session, it takes about 3-4 session at 4-6 month intervals to reach desired results. I guess this is not applicable where you live, but yes, if you are on vacation here, then this would help! 

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