Is There a Surgery to Reduce the Width of my Shoulders?

I am a woman with wide manly shoulders that do not match the rest of my body. i have virtually no hips and since I have begun to lose weight my shoulders look even more prominent. Is there a way to shave down the bone or something? Pain wouldn't matter to me, I jus want them gone.

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Reduction of width of shoulders

There is in fact a way to reduce the width of your shoulders, but it may result in some limited range of motion and a slight rounded look of the shoulders.  The clavicles (collar bone) can be shortened a bit and this would cause the entire shoulder to roll forward reducing the width.  Again, this may reduce your range of motion a little, but many people who have Had collar bone fractures and healed with it shortened have excellent function.

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Reducing the shoulders

I do not know of any way to specifically reduce the size of the shoulders.  This is due to skeletal and muscular anatomy.

Steven Wallach, MD
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There really is no way to reduce your shoulder size.  You may want to look into augmenting other parts of your body if you feel they are out of proportion.


Good Luck.

David Shafer, MD
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