20 year old female, 5ft9, 120-130 pounds, why am I getting sretch marks?

Sooo lately I've realizes im getting stretch marks on my hip/butt area and a few on one thigh..I'm 20 female completely done with puberty as I would assume cause I stopped growing bout 17 but honestly I'm a skinny girl almost 5ft9 bout 120-130 thin figure always have been no weight gain or loss so I'm confused as to why I even have them? I don't work out nothing same diet I also have some varicose and spider veins is all this even normal

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Stretch Markes treatment

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To answer your Question there could be different factors it could be from weight gain weight loss also could be hereditary. But the good news is that they can be treated. At our clinic we use a Fraxel 1540 icon laser with will help with the size,texture,color, and smoothness of the stretch mark. Hope this is helpful

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