What Do You Think About the Product TriLASTIN for Stretch Marks?

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Surgery is the answer for stretch marks

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There are many things marketed that claim they remove stretch marks and so forth. I would not recommend wasting money on such items, as they simply cannot reverse stretch marks from an anatomical and physiological stand point.

The only thing that works for stretch marks is to cut them out during surgery, such as in a tummy tuck.

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Nothing gets rid of stretch marks other than surgery

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Unfortunately, there are no creams or lasers that remove stretch marks. The biology of the stretch mark prevents this since they are a splitting of the deep layer of the skin and this cannot be repaired. If they are in an area such as the lower abdomen which can be removed in a tummy tuck, they can be eliminated. Otherwise, the best you can do with topical treatments is to hope to lighten them some.

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