Scalded by boiling water? (photo)

Hi I got scalded by boiling water when I was 8 months old. I'm now 29. I've have lots of skin grafts during my life to help me grow but nothing since I was about 10. Is there anything new that can help reduce the image of these scars. As you can see quite bad burns to chest and arms.

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Burn scars and treatment

Sorry to hear about your unfortunate accident. I would recommend seeing a dermatologist with expertise in lasers. There are new treatments available that can be used to reduce the constrictures and appearance of burn scars. There are a handful of dermatologists with advanced training in lasers that treat this type of condition across the country.

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Treatment of burn scars in Los Angeles

These burn scars can be improved with a burn scar laser protocol that can address surface texture and topography.

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