Unable to breathe, swallow or sleep after jaw surgery (MMA) for Sleep Apnea. Where can I go for this to be fixed? PT unhelpful.

Pre-jaw surgery, OSA had nosedived from mild to very severe in AHI. Was getting food stuck in throat, had hyoid bone get stuck in my neck on one side one evening when I went to swallow water, neck pain and popping, worse when moving my head, then slurring of speech randomly. After jaw surgery, it's much worse. Everything pools in my throat. Can't swallow my own saliva. My neck hurts and now pops/feels as if it is jammed up. Breathe short and in pain most of the time. Where to go for fix?

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Jaw surgery

It depends how long after jaw surgery these things are happening to you. If it is right after jaw surgery or within 4 weeks, you may experience all of the above and usually they disappear. 

New York Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon
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Postoperative Problems

It's normal for patients immediately after jaw advancement surgery to notice temporary changes in their articulation and nasal breathing. It is, however, not expected to have worsening of your swallowing mechanism after routing orthognathic surgyer. Was "hyoid suspension" or "genioglossus advancement" performed? I would follow up with your surgeon and possibly undergo a swallow evaluation by a therapist.

Marco Ellis, MD
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