How Can I Refresh the Appearance of my Undereye Area?

I am 42 years old and generally satisfied with my appearance, but the area under my eyes always looks thin and tired. When I tug the skin just a bit tighter, it looks great! What is the least-invasive way to wake up my under eye area?

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Hollow lower lids

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Your primary problem is volume deficit in the lower lids.  You can't reproduce the finger maneuver with surgery.  I'd suggest you start with Restylane done by a doctor, not a nurse of aesthetician to plump up the hollows.  This can last a year or more.

Lower eyelid wrinkles

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In the photos I see significant hollowing around the eyes with what appears to edema on the left just above the tear trough. If you have any nasal allergies those have to be addressed and controlled first otherwise any surgery or procedure you get will only have short lived results. If any present allergies are controlled alot of this swelling and apparent skin excess will go away. If that is not the case the most reliable way is to get rid of the excess skin by surgery. You will still need some sort of filler (fat or synthetic) to address the hollowing unless you do not want that treated. Surface laser treatments alone will only be temporary and again do not address hollowing. None of these will get rid of fine lines on the lower eyelids. The best treatment I have seen for these are surface lasers or chemical peel followed by a lifetime skin treatment regimen that prevents recurrence.

Aaron Stone, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

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