Plastic Surgery and Anti-Aging Skin Care

is it true that the results from plastic surgery are only as good as the skin its applied on?. id like to think that my dedication to looking after my skin and wearing spf everyday is gunna pay off in future COMBINED with whatever is needed with surgery. can we really be eternally youthful? if we want to be? and if so what procedures are a MUST for ppl in my position provided i dont like needles as i rather get a big face lift over 6 monthly needles of botox. all thorough opinions wil be great

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7 steps to good skin

1. good facial cleanser, 2. toner, 3. retinol or retin A if tolerated, 4. moisturizer, 5. hydroquinine product to minimize dyschromias, 6. sun block, 7. weekly fruit peel

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Skin care and plastic surgery

Good for you for caring about your skin!  Skin is your body's largest solid organ.  It has many jobs, including keeping good stuff in and bad stuff out, protecting you from sun, and isolating delicate inner stuff from the knocks and bumps of life.  Good skin care will help keep this vital part healthy, which will result in fewer wrinkles, fewer "age spots", and, most importantly, fewer skin cancers.

Good skin maintenance depends on sunblock and a regular regimen of some sort of skin treatment.  SMoking is terrible for skin. 

What works best for you will depend on skin type.  I like the NIA24 line because it has anti-skin cancer effects.  Everyone should be on Retin-A and moisturizers. A long discussion with a knowledgeable professional can provide all the info you need to be able to choose the best course for your particular skin.

Good skin care will protect the wrapper; good plastic surgery can adjust the wrapper if necessary.

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