Possible Solutions for PIH

hi,so what are the possible solutions to my condition if laser is not advisable?ive waited almost 6 mths and it just seems to get worse.Isit advisable for me to have a chemical peel such that the damaged layer of skin on my chin n upper lip is peeled off?if a chemical peel is done,will the skin at my chin and upper lip be the same color as the rest of my face?please help me.im really at my wits end.seeing my face makes me wanna just die.pls help me.

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Possible solutions for PIH

Time is often your best option. Lasers do not generally provide a good result and could make it worse. Triluma may be useful if there is a significant melanocytic component but that is not typically the case. It is important to use sunblocks at all times because sun exposure can aggravate the condition.As the name implies Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation is often due to inflammation and controlling the source of the inflammation is one of the most important first steps,

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