What can I do to get rid of my under eye circles? (Photo)

Ever since i was a kid i have had dark under circles. It's difficult to cover them up with makeup (concealer) because there is tiny dots on it too. I talked to my doctor about it and he said it's congenital. What can i do to get rid of them or atleast remove the dots?

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Tear trough

Shadowing created by a tear trough issue can sometimes be improved with fillers. This can camouflage the shadowing.  Best of luck.

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Getting rid of your under eye circles.

Thanks for posting your question. Treatment of lower eyelid grooves, commonly called "Tear Trough" deformity can vary. However, patients with good thickness of the lower eyelid skin and tissues (as you appear to have from your photo) are ideal candidates for a simple injection procedure with Restylane. This is done in the office using anesthetic so the injections are painless. This will help smooth the look of the lower lid and decrease shadowing in this area which is contributing to your dark circles. When done by an experienced surgeon, the injections have a very low risk of bruising and no downtime. The effects are immediate and typically last 8 months.

The other contributor to the darkness of your lower eyelids and the "dots" as you called them is hyperpigmentation (too much pigment). In your circumstance, because of your darker skin tone, this can't be addressed with a standard laser that would otherwise be used to remove dark pigment. If this was attempted, you would end up with hypopigmentation of this area (too little pigment), thus your skin tones your eyelid to your cheek would not match. The best option for you is to undergo treatments with a PicoSure laser. In cases such as yours. 2-3 treatments and your hyperpigmentation would be resolved without the risk of hypopigmentation. This treatment is also performed in the office utilizing a topical anesthetic. You can expect mild redness of the treated areas for approximately 6-12 hours following the laser treatment. The results typically last years.

Combine the injections with the laser treatments and you'd have a homerun.

Locate a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon or Dermatologist with experience in these types of procedures and set up a consultation. Best of luck!

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Dark circles

You have some hollowing of the lower lids.  Some HA filler such as Restylane or Belotero will help to fill that in and decrease the appearance of the dark circle.  Usually lasts at least a year.

John J. Martin, Jr., MD
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