How can I fix my acne scars? I've had 3 fraxels and there's lots of room for improvement! (Photo)

I've had 3 fraxels already, are there alternatives? If I do more fraxels will there still be noticeable improvements?

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Subcision and dermal fillers

Scars should always be targeted based upon the scar type, rather than lumped together and treated with a laser such as Fraxel. 

Fraxel can give modest improvements in some scar types- shallow box car, mild rolling and mild atrophic scars, however your scars are tethered and anchored scar types. The use of subcision and dermal fillers will give the best results. 

All the best- video reference as a guide to scar revision. 

Dr Davin Lim 
Laser and aesthetic dermatologist
Brisbane, Australia. 

Brisbane Dermatologist
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Fraxel for acne scars

Deep acne scars are tough to treat.  I would suggest a combination of fractionated Erbium and fillers.  Please seek treatment for a qualified professional.  Good luck!

Jennifer Trent, MD, FAAD
Sarasota Dermatologic Surgeon
5.0 out of 5 stars 5 reviews

Fraxel and Acne Scars

From your photos it appears that you would be best treated by having some of the deeper scars injected with a filler such as Restylane or Bellafill.  eMatrix is also better for scars usually than Fraxel.  Best, Dr. Green

Michele S. Green, MD
New York Dermatologist
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