My Dermatologist is Asking for $6000 for Milila Removal and Says It Takes 1 Year?

Is this right? Seems really expensive and lengthy for something that seems surgically removable

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Hoopefully a miscommunication...

if you just have the typical milia on your skin, I'd guess the cost should not even be one tenth of that...assuming you're not talking about combining therapy for the milia with some other major cosmetic procedures, $6000 is an awful price...think you need to see another doctor...try looking in your city...maybe through under the heading dermatologists...

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Get a second opinion

My recommendation is to get a second opinion from another dermatologist.  Milia removal is often covered by your health insurance.  When something just doesn't sound right, you are never wrong to schedule an appointment with another doctor for another opinion.  

Mark Horowitz, DO
Torrance Dermatologist

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