I have pimples and dark spot all over my face; how do I remove them? (Photo)

Plz help me doctor for removing my dark spot and pimples

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Acne scarring and PIH

This needs several different modalities. I would start Retin A and hydroquinone. Chemical peels are also needed. For the scarring Infini is useful. We can improve you skin significantly but if will still have some scars. Nothing can "remove them"..

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Hi  seen your pic.you have developed severe post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.To treat it a combined modality of treatment with topical retinoids and depigmenting creams is needed.followed by chemical peels and microneedling should be done with precaution according to your skin type . finally to smoothen your skin texture microdermabrasion will help.hope this helps.

Dark spots

Your picture can't tell me everything, but two things seem reasonable:

- you likely have acne, it is moderate to severe, and there is a very clear pathway that medically knowledgeable physicians use to treat acne. This begins with some products applied to skin, for you I would consider a topical antibiotic and possibly an oral antibiotic.

- because your skin is darker, it is important that any skin products or treatments don't have a major side effect of "bleaching" or you will lose your lovely skin tone. 

Overall, this is something you should see a physician for--there is no one "skin product solution."

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