What Are These Lines Under my Eyes? How Can They Be Fixed? (Age 15)

Im a 15 year old girl and I have the deep lines under my eyes that I start really noticing a couple of years ago when some bought it to my attention. They start from the corner of my eyes to the top of my cheek. They are really only noticeable when I hold a liqht up to my eyes or when i take pictures. Im really self conscious about them because they show up in my pictures. The lines just make me look old and tired. And yes im getting enough sleep and my diet is pretty good to be a teenager.

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Restylane for under eye lines?

Hi Shyqurl.  Because of your age, it is likely that the lines you see under your eyes are caused by your genetic facial anatomy rather than sleep or eating habits.  It's just the way your face is shaped.  

With that said, there is a procedure that can help.  We recently treated a 20 year old female African American for sunken or hollow areas below the eyes (tear trough).  By adding a dermal filler like Restylane in this area, we can create more volume and depth, camouflaging the sunken or hollow appearance.  

Obviously this is something you would review with your parents, but you may want to consider it, given how it is affecting you.

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