Are Line Welts Normal After a Photofacial?

I just had a photofacial 11 hours ago did not feel burning after the procedure but about 4 hours later I felt burning and now have line looking welts. Well this go away or should I consider this burn marks?

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It is common to have some redness and swelling after a photofacial treatment.  Using a mild cleanser and some hydrocortisone cream may help alleviate this.  If these symptoms worsen, I recommend that you see your provider for a follow-up.   

Redness after Photofacial

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Some redness after a photofacial is normal, as is edema and erythema. Just use a mild soap and hydrocortisone on the area for a few days. Based on the photo, I'd say your treatment might have been a bit too high, but it's nothing too serious and should resolve quickly. Make sure you tell your technician what you experienced though.

IPL treatment can lead to some swelling

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Intense Pulse light treatment, the device used to photofacials, is a device that delivers several wavelengths of light.  There is heat generated at the skin level which allows the treatment of sundamaged skin.  The heat can lead to some swelling making it look like hives or welts.  This is normal as long as it doesn't lead to blistering or scabbing.  You should apply a moisturizing cream to keep the area moist.  This swelling should resolve over the next 24 hours.

Monica Halem, MD
New York Dermatologic Surgeon

These welts suggest that your photo facial was a bit hot.

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However unless there is blistering, these usually calm down.  If the situation gets worse rather rather than better with more time, call your doctor who performed the photo facial and get assessed.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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