Fraxel on the It Worth It?

I am 21 year old african-american..I'm looking to receive fraxel treatment for hyperpigmentation on my back. Will I see good results with this? Currently I'm using topical Tazorac,Duac,Finachea,and a hydroquinone cream tp keep breakouts gone and help with pigmentation. We've done TCA peels without MUCH of a difference and I'm wondering if I should continue with the TCA peels or if I should go for the fraxel treatment. Obviously it would be very expensive but the TCA peels are adding up also.

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Fraxel not always reliable for such problems

you have a difficult problem and no treatment i know of, including fraxel, can be counted on to solve it with certainty. if you can afford to try it, you might see it provide improvement....but if so-so results will make you very sorry you spent the money, then probably shouldn't do it.

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