How to Fix Redness and Hyperpigmentation?

I had a small patch of hyperpigmentation under my right eye about the size of a quarter. I got obsessed with it and the "dirty" look of it, and started washing my skin a lot (probably 12+ times a day, maybe 20). This inflammed my skin, and a few different dermatologists told me I now have rosacea. I have since quit obsessing with my skin, and it has improved greatly- but it is still somewhat red and I think I have hyperpigmentation in the areas I was obsessing over. What should I do?

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The most important thing for hyperpigmentation is to protect the area totally from the sun

Use a suncreen that says UVA and UVB protection as well as having zinc or titanium dioxide in the formulation. See a dermatologist who does IPL and treats rosacea to see if your reddness was just due to irritation.Don't be using anything else until you get a professional to evaluste the problem.


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How to Fix Redness and Hyperpigmentation

You should see a board certified dermatologist who can assess whether you have melanoma – which is too much pigment – and an associated inflammation from scratching – or something different.  We would want to know if the area has ever bled, has changed dramatically in color, or anything like that so the dermatologist can make sure the patch is in fact not the beginning of a skin cancer.  In that case, a biopsy would be indicated.  Otherwise there are wonderful pigment medicines – both prescription and OTC – and many available in dermatologists office which can provide the anti-inflammatory and pigment relief you are seeking.  If needed, a laser or intense light source could also be utilized.

Good luck.

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You should see a dermatologist who uses IPL and lasers.  She can assess your skin to see what the problems are and decide on treatment for you.  If you have a fair complexion and redness from rosacea, IPL or pulsed dye laser may be appropriate for you.  If you have hyperpigmentation, a fading cream such as hydroquinone may be advised.  You should protect your skin from the sun which aggravates both rosacea and hyperpigmentation.

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