How to Make Face Look More Feminine

Hello, my face looks quite feminine in profile, but strangely masculine from the front. Is there any way to remedy this? Is my face really as masculine from the front as I think it is, or am I misjudging it? Thanks so much!

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Making face more feminine

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You do by no means look unfeminine.

If you wanted to maximize your beauty, there are probably some small things that could be done, i.e. a subtle rhinoplasty or perhaps a small chin implant.

However we are definitely close to "gilding the lilly"

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Making a more feminine looking face

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Your face looks feminine from both angles to me. If you could be more specific as to what you want changed and why you think you look masculine that might be helpful. There are some procedures you could be offered as long as you are older than 16 to be sure your face has fully grown. These would be minor enhancements rather than any major surgery.

There are specific differences between the male and female face such as chin shape, outline of the nose, jaw line prominence, forehead contour and of course facial hair and there are multiple procedures available to address these areas. Most of those do not apply in your case.

Aaron Stone, MD
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Treatments to achieve a feminine face

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In my opinion,  you have a very feminine face. There are some subtle and easy fixes to your concerns that could easily be addressed with makeup and grooming.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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